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Electric Spray Massage Comb - multishop

Electric Spray Massage Comb

This electric pet comb is the perfect solution for pet care. It features USB charging, massage, and anti-flying properties, as well as a floating hair removal comb. Enjoy stress-free pet...
Ultrasonic Pet Anti Barking Device - multishop

Ultrasonic Pet Anti Barking Device

This Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller is an efficient, training device designed to stop unwanted barking of pet dogs and cats. It uses high power ultrasonic wave technology to repel pets...

Pet Hair Cleaning Vaccum

The Portable Pet Electric Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is a household cleaning tool designed to remove lint pellets and pet hair from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. It comes equipped with...
Hair Cleaner Massager Brush - multishop

Hair Cleaner Massager Brush

This Pet Glove Cat Grooming Glove is perfect for gently and effectively removing loose hair from cats and other animals. It also massages your pet while simultaneously collecting excess fur....
Pet Hammock - multishop

Pet Hammock

$13.95 – $25.95
The Dog Cat Hammock is designed to make cat and dog grooming easier. Its convenient design makes it perfect for cutting nails and drying hair while keeping pets comfortable and...
4-in-1 Pet Dog travel  Water Food Dispenser Outdoor or travel - multishop
500ml With Food Box300ml300ml With Food Box500ml